Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Update: Sunday Apr 28 2013

Well, the whole weekly update didn't exactly work. I get busy and I forget to blog.  I enjoy blogging but I go through long periods of time where it feels as if nothing interesting is going on. I will however attempt to try and keep blogging this summer. Even if nothing exiting is happening... I'll try. No promises though lol. No one reads this thing anyway. 

The biggest current event that has happened was my dad passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It was really hard on me and it has continued to be. I haven't really had a chance to mourn and it was nearly a month ago. I feel like, at some point it is going to hit me. I feel like I'm running from this faceless monster down a dark corridor and at any time I could trip and fall and it will catch me. Then, well, ya. That's all I will say on it for now. 

I'm looking for a job. Blegh. 

I hate facebook still. 

Haven't created anything. 


That's my life since my last post. 

More next week. (maybe)

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