Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekly Update: Monday 11, 2013

Note: A lot has been going on lately. This weekly update will be a little more in depth than most will be. 

First off, I have decided to do a weekly update. Hopefully I can remember to do it once a week. I will try to shoot for every Monday. We will see how this works out. 

Getting into it now, The 24th of Feb my dad passed away. It was a very sudden and unexpected thing that left a lot of pain and unanswered questions. it is a personal issue that I won't get to much into. I can say that it is an image I will carry with me always and the color yellow will haunt me forever. I have been helping Rhonda plan the memorial and get things finalized. Dad wanted to be cremated so we got that done and got him a very nice Oregon Duck Urn. It is very nice and I think he would have liked it as his final resting place. His wishes were to be cremated and to be put on a shelf where he could watch his "kids" grow up and that is what will happen. The memorial is going to be on the 30th of March. 

I have been very busy working on the memorial cards and my eulogy. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to grieve. I worry about what will happen when I do get a quiet moment and it all just hits me as I know it will eventually. 

The end of the school term is here. Dads passing really got me behind on my work but I managed to catch up. My grades did suffer though. It was expected. I am just praying that I pass everything because I already applied for my degree. These last three classes I'm taking are crucial to my getting that degree. So, fingers crossed but I'm sure all will go well. I have a Biology exam tomorrow (wednesday 13) and the exams for my Basic Communications class and my Physical Anthropology class are following close after. Next week is my last official week with only my Biology Presentation on Monday and an Exam. After that Spring Break starts. I was hoping for some much needed R&R but it isn't going to happen. 

As soon as term ends I have to get a job because it has taken so long for my transcripts to get to the U of O that I won't be able to attend spring classes there. This means that I won't have any classes until the fall. So, I will be looking for work. I'm hoping I can get an above minimum wage job that somewhat pertains to what I'm going to school for. If not, I'd settle for any above minimum wage job that doesn't have anything to do with food or retail. However.... we don't always get what we want and if all else fails... I will be going back to work at Wendy's for the summer (only because I KNOW I can get a job there).  Believe me... it will be my last option. 

It also looks like I won't be able to go on my mini vacation to California now. It never fails when I plan something... life interferes. 

Well, As for this week, aside from the afore mentioned tests and what not I will be deep cleaning my house. YAY! Before I go to work I want this place ship shape. I will also be cleaning the garage and organizing for the HUGE garage sale I will be having... yes I still haven't had it yet. I'm hoping to get a pretty good lump of money out of it and that I may be able to spend more time looking for a good job. Maybe I will even hang onto that job when I go back to school. 

I will also be preparing to open my Etsy shop, another source of income. I don't plan on making too much off the site but hopefully it will give me some pocket change and I will be able to do something this summer. I'm thinking of saving the money and putting it towards a new patio set and BBQ that way this summer we can have some cook outs and spend more time outside. 

Well, that pretty much sums up what's going on right now. Until next week... 

Oh, and other news that has happened recently... 

Right after dad passed I got the flu, then Tya got Pink Eye, then issues with my admission to u of O, then Crook and Brownie got in a fight and Crook ended up at the Vet with an abscess, then Jon's phone died and we had to go buy him a new one. Big lump of money that we didn't really plan on spending. It really has just been one thing after the next. 

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